OCTOBER 23, 2023

上周六,亚洲博彩平台排名(Quincy University)在一场荣誉早午餐仪式上,将8名个人和一支球队选入了体育名人堂, October 21, in the Hall of Fame Room in the QU Health and Fitness Center.

Fall 2023 Individual Inductees:

Shane DeSherlia earned his Business Management degree from QU in 2003. He spent four seasons on the Hawks football team as the quarterback. He was also as much a threat running the football as he was passing it. 大一那年,DeSherlia传球达阵9次,跑动达阵1次. His sophomore year, DeSherlia threw 7 touchdowns and ran for 4. He had 8 passing TD’s and 3 rushing TD’s his junior season. DeSherlia’s numbers excelled his senior year, throwing for 13 touchdowns and running into the end zone 12 times. His total yardages also stood out – passing over 800 yards his first season, over 1300 his second season and over 1000 his junior year. DeSherlia threw for almost 2000 yards his senior year. In his two best rushing seasons, he ran for 440 yards his sophomore year and 786 yards his senior year. DeSherlia’s career totals were compelling. He totaled 37 passing TD’s and 20 rushing TD’s. His total yards were 1,494 rushing and 5,133 yards passing. He averaged 250 yards per game his senior year, which ranked him as No. 24 in NCAA Division II that season.

Julie LeMaire earned a physical education degree in 2004. She was a four-year starter for the Hawks as a pitcher and an outfielder, starting every game every season. At the close of her career, LeMaire held the single season hits record, both single season and career records for home runs, as well as ranking third in single season RBI and runs scored. As a senior, LeMaire secured the best season of her career, leading the team in nearly every offensive category with a .374 batting average, 46 runs scored, 65 hits which set a single season record, 13 doubles, 9 home runs, 48 RBI, .626 slugging percentage and .412 on-base percentage. 勒梅尔还在大四的赛季中成为了球队胜场最多的投手, starts, appearances, and shutouts. 她在全联盟的安打率、得分和总垒数方面都名列前茅nd to 4th in batting average, hits, RBI, and home runs. LeMaire was named the team’s Most Valuable Player, and All-GLVC selection, a Louisville Slugger/NFCA All-Region selection, 并获得了克利特·范·阿克伦兄弟学术和运动成就奖. 这是她在劳德代尔堡诺瓦东南大学担任垒球总教练的第九个赛季, FL.

Jamie Oitker于2000年12月毕业于QU,获得体育学位. 1994年至1999年,她是女子篮球队的成员,2000年至2001年,她是学生助理. Oitker was a menace all over the court throughout her time at QU. When she ended her college career, 她以82次的单赛季抢断和278次的职业生涯抢断保持着QU记录. Oitker’s still 3rd in career steals and 5th in season steals. Upon graduating, she was 3rd 她的职业生涯得分达到了1324分,并保持了赛季最佳罚球命中率 .815.  Her game stats also stand out. Oitker currently holds records in most points in a game with 41, most field goals in a game with 20, most field goal attempts in a game at 27. She is still tied for first in most steals in a game with 9. 奥伊特克在1998-99赛季获得了许多奖项,包括球队的防守球员和MVP球员,并在1999年获得了马特·海宁奖. For two seasons, Oitker was named All-GLVC. 

凯文·雷勒1990年毕业于亚洲博彩平台排名,获得市场营销学位,在篮球队有两个出色的赛季. In the 1988-89 season, Reller shot 45.9 percent from the field, 33.7 percent from 3-point range, and 82.8 percent from the free throw line. He scored a total of 373 points that season – 13.3 per game. His rebounds and assists were also strong with 169 rebounds for the season, which is 6 rebounds per game, and 59 total assists which is 2.1 assists per game. In the 1989-90 season, Reller stepped it up shooting 50.8 percent from the field, 39.5 percent from 3-point range, and 76.3 percent from the free throw line. 莱勒比上个赛季多得140分,总共得到513分,比上个赛季多18分.3 per game. 他的篮板和助攻也有所增加,本赛季总共得到212个篮板,7个.6 rebounds per game and 66 assists. 

Don Wente graduated from Quincy College in 1970 with a degree in sociology. 他以在篮球场上的强硬和顽强的篮板而闻名. As a freshman, Wente led the JV team in scoring and rebounding. His junior year, he started all varsity games. He led the team in rebounding with 10.5 rebounds per game and was second leading scorer with 15.2 points per game. 

当他成为一名大四学生时,他的表现更加出色,在篮板和得分方面都领先全队, averaging 12.1 rebounds per game and 19.2 points per game. When he graduated, 温特保持着学校在一场比赛和一个赛季中得分最多的记录,也是大四时得分最多的记录. 他还获得了包括全体会议荣誉提名奖在内的奖项  Zwick Rebounding Award his junior year. As a senior, he earned the MVP of the QC Tourney, 1st team All-State Small College basketball team, NAIA District 20 2nd team, and 1st team Midland Conference. Don’s career stats are noteworthy. 温特总共得到1059分,是职业生涯篮板最多的15名球员之一. 

Demetrius Young graduated from QU in 1992. While he was earning his history degree, Young made some historical contributions to the QU football team. 他在学校历史上四个最重要的抢断总数中排名前三-单场抢断码, single-game rushing attempts and career rushing attempts. When Young was in the backfield as a sophomore and a junior, he shared carries with another Hall of Fame running back, Jerry Ellerman, and took hand-offs from one of the best quarterbacks in school history, Brad Lemen. Young joins two QU running backs, LeVar Ammons and Rob Munson, 和杨有着相似的职业生涯排名,并且是QU体育名人堂的成员. 在扬的职业生涯中,亚洲博彩平台排名并不是联盟的成员,所以他无法获得联盟的奖项. Bill Terlisner, who has been associated with the program as a player, assistant coach, head coach and booster since 1988, 说杨是最有资格进入名人堂的足球运动员之一.

Fall 2023 Team Inductee:

1984-85赛季的女子网球队在常规赛中以11胜0负的战绩保持不败. In the fall of ’84, 教练安·伯格曼带领的球队以第一名的成绩横扫全美20区锦标赛,为QC/QU历史上最亚洲博彩平台排名的赛季画上了句号. 该队获胜的关键是三个双打队都赢得了冠军. While every player on the team won over 80% of their singles matches, the undefeated team was led by the lone senior and #1 singles player, Laura Gabriel. Laura获得了Hawkettes Booster Club颁发的学者运动员奖和国际网球教练协会(ITCA)颁发的年度学者运动员奖。. 劳拉以65胜9负的战绩(单打和双打)结束了她在QC的两年职业生涯。. Jenni Kies broke that record the next year. At the District 20 Championships, Sharon Kluba in the No. 5 slot and Julie Fischer in the No. 6 slot both won their singles division.  No. 1 doubles team of Laura Gabriel and Dorise Thomas won their division. The No. 2 team of Sharon Kluba and Jenni Kies and the No. 3 team of Brenda Kluba and Julie Fischer also won their divisions. 在鹰人队1984-85赛季的11场胜利中,有7场是9-0的比分. 

Fall 2023 Professional Achievement Inductee:

Bill Starkey graduated from Quincy College in 1970 with a history degree. As a Quincy native, 获得学位后,斯塔基留在了该地区,并在昆西圣母高中担任了18个赛季的排球和垒球队主教练. Starkey coached five state champions at QND, two in volleyball in 1978 and 1980, and three in softball in 1981, 1982 and 1984. 他的排球队还在州锦标赛中获得了两次第二名和一次第三名. In softball, his teams also had two third-place finishes. Coach Starkey had a 500-174 win-loss career record in volleyball, and a 433-98 win-loss career record in softball. This is a remarkable win-loss percentage of .774 for his career as head coach in two sports at QND. 斯塔基于2000年被提名为伊利诺伊州女子教练协会名人堂成员,并于2002年被提名为伊利诺伊州垒球教练协会名人堂成员.

Fall 2023 Meritorious Service Inductee:

凯文·斯坦坎普已经为QU田径和Mart Heinen俱乐部做了53年的志愿者. 他的大部分志愿者时间都花在了曲县的体育赛事上——卖票、购票、担任男女篮球赛的引导员, men’s and women’s soccer, football, sprint football and volleyball games. 施泰因坎普负责管理男子和女子足球比赛的停车已经有45年了. He has also helped with the Mart Heinen Golf Tournament, Chili Cook-Off, Holiday Basketball Tournament, and in the press box. Steinkamp was honored with the Mart Heinen Club Worker of the Year award. 几年来,他还通过为进步处年度电话马拉松活动打电话来帮助QU. 斯坦坎普夫妇于2018年获得昆西交流俱乐部金事迹奖,以表彰他们在特奥会工作了30多年. He is the president of the Quincy University Retirees Association.

For more information about the QU Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, contact the QU Advancement Office at 217-228-5227. 

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